Certificate of Analysis

We provide the purest shilajit resin available online.

Our product is simply the best shilajit available online. We are different from our competitors in that we constantly test our product and don’t settle on a single source. The nature of shilajit is such that each harvest is very different in terms of quality and potency and we test to ensure that each batch that we accept adheres to rigorous quality controls. Our most recent batch of shilajit is from Nepal. Many of our competitors continue to source their product in India despite wide variations in quality per batch, and they often only test the originally sourced harvest.

Premium Shilajit certificate of analysis

Interpretation of Results

Metal Mg. in 0.5 g. serving EPA MCL mg./l Water Standard Result
Arsenic (As) 0.00335 0.010 Safe
Cadmium (Cd) less than .000125 0.005 Safe
Lead (Pb) 0.00155 0.015 Safe
Mercury (Hg) less than .00005 0.002 Safe

Premium Shilajit is Safe and Beneficial

Many shilajit products contain toxic levels of heavy metals and organic contaminants. Our shilajit is regularly tested in an accredited lab to make sure it is safe for consumption.

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