Signs Your Diet is Nutrient Deficient

Signs Your Diet is Nutrient Deficient

Between our soil depletion and the rise of artificial and processed foods, it’s no wonder nutritional deficiencies run ramped. In our day and age many people are walking around with serious deficiencies. While it’s common for people to ask whether or not this makes a difference we thought we’d share with you why this is a problem. As well as share with you the common signs your diet is nutrient deficient. Here are some common signs you should look for in your life or in that of your loved ones.

Signs Your Diet is Nutrient Deficient

  • Fatigue. One very common sign your diet is low in nutrients is consistent and unexplainable fatigue. If you’re well rested, exercise regularly and are in good health your lack of whole and real nutrients might be the culprit!
  • Weight Gain. Another unusual sign that your diet is lacking is in excessive weight gain. This happens because your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, but it is sending you signals to continue eating. As you fill your body with empty calories and highly processed food it is not able to function properly. Including your metabolism and digestion.
  • Memory Loss. Our brains need natural fats and essential vitamins to function properly. When we starve our brains by low fat, processed foods our brains struggle to handle the demands of our daily lives. Over time this leads to increased stress, anxiety and memory loss.

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The only way to combat these symptoms is to begin balancing your diet. Including natural and whole foods is a great start. However, due to soil depletion there is only so much a healthy diet can do. In order to fully restore your diet to its nutrient dense state you must supplement it daily. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Premium Shilajit is nutrient dense, easy to take daily, and provides you with all the daily nutrients you need!

Shilajit Ayurvedic Medicine: An Ancient Tradition of Healing

Shilajit Ayurvedic Medicine: An Ancient Tradition of Healing

Shilajit Ayurvedic Medicine - An Ancient Tradition

For thousands of years, shilajit Ayurvedic medicine has been used to treat illnesses and sickness. This ancient tradition of healing has many things to offer our modern society.

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient tradition of healing. Also referred to as Ayurveda, it is one of the oldest medical systems on the plant. It originated over 3,000 years ago in India, and is still used as one of the most traditional health care systems. Shilajit is often used in Ayurvedic medicine, because of its ability to cleanse the blood, heal bones, provide energy, and strengthen the body.

The History of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine began over 3,000 years ago, in India. There are three ancient books, called Caraka Samhita, Astanga Hridaya, and Sushruta Samhita. These books are considered the trilogy of Ayurveda texts. These books are more than 2,000 years old! The word Ayyrvedic itself denotes healing. The Sanskrit works ayur (which means life), and vedaI (which means science or knowledge), combine to create a system that focuses on healing the body.

The Modern Practice of Ayurveda

Today, Ayurvedic medicine is still primarily practiced (in tandem with Western medicine) in India and Southeast Asia. A key concept of Ayurveda is not to fight disease when it is present in the body. Instead, it is creating a radiant state of energy and vigor that is achieved through optimum health practices and balance in life.

Balancing the Chakras

Ayurveda is based on one concept: That everything in the universe is connected. When something is out of harmony, illness will take hold. According to Ayurvedic medicine, there are five basic elements in the world:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Space
  • Air
  • Fire

These elements pair up to form three separate doshas. In Ayurvedic medicine, each person has a predominate dosha, which offers insight into the best health practices for that individual. Here’s a look at the three doshas and their respective illnesses:

transparent-iconPitta Dosha

A mix of water and fire, the pitta dosha controls the metabolism, digestion, and appetite hormones. When a person’s predominate dosha is pitta, they are more likely to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, anger, negative emotions, Crohn’s disease, and infections.


Kapha Dosha

A mix of water and earth, the kapha dosha controls a person’s muscles, weight, immune system, and their strength. When a person’s predominate dosha is kapha, they are more likely to suffer from diabetes, obesity, cancer, asthma, and nausea.


Vata Dosha

A mix of air and space, this dosha controls waste elimination, breathing, the mind, blood flow, and other basic bodily functions. When a person’s predominate dosha is vata, they are more likely to suffer from skin problems, heart disease, asthma, and anxiety.

Shilajit Ayurvedic Medicine: A Perfect Blend

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years to improve a person’s health and wellness. Believed to be a gift directly from the gods, shilajit prevents ailments, fights the symptoms of altitude sickness, provides much-needed herbs, vitamins, and minerals to the body, pushes nutrients directly into the cell, cleans the blood, can prevent Alzheimer’sbuilds muscle, regulates blood sugar, can treat ulcers, treats arthritis pain, and is a big source of antioxidants. Balancing the chakras using shilajit and other herbs is an ancient practice in Ayurvedic medicine and healing methods, and has been used successfully and without side effects for thousands of years.

An Ancient Tradition

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic tradition. Try it for yourself today!

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5 Ways to Get a Natural Immune System Boost

5 Ways to Get a Natural Immune System Boost

Get a natural immune system boost with shilajit

Taking shilajit is great way to get a natural immune system boost. Learn why, and get ideas for other things to boost your immune system and stay healthy this season!

These days, it seems as if everyone is coming down with an illness. Friends, neighbors, family members, children, spouses – countless people are fighting off colds and the flu this spring. While antibiotics and over-the-counter medications can help relieve the symptoms, it is important to fight illness at its source by boosting your immune system naturally. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at a few ways to get a natural immune system boost.

1: Shilajit Boosts the Immune System

Boost Number One: Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential to our well-being. When a person doesn’t get enough rest, the body is constantly in defense mode. According to the Mayo Clinic, “people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus…lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover.” Take time to wind down in the evening, and avoid electronic devise to ensure you sleep well. Your immune system will thank you for it!

2: Shilajit Detoxifies the Body

Boost Number Two: A Healthy Diet

Your diet directly affects your immune system. Think about it: Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies running efficiently. If you eat high amounts of sugar, and don’t get enough vitamins, nutrients, and fat, your body will not be able to ward off sickness. Eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole fat dairy, complex carbohydrates, and lean meats to stave off sickness, heal faster, and stay healthier for longer. And, don’t forget to drink lots of water!

3: Shilajit Balances the Hormones

Boost Number Three: Cultivate a Healthy Gut

Fermented foods are extremely beneficial to our health, but they are severely lacking in our diets. Fermented foods have high levels of probiotics, which can reduce infections in our intestines and respiratory system. In fact, fermented milk products have been shown in studies to reduce respiratory infections in both children and adults. You can make your own fermented foods such as kombucha or kefir, or you can purchase probiotics at a health food store.

4: Shilajit Improves Brain Function

Boost Number Four: Go Outside

Studies have shown that vitamin D can be extremely beneficial in warding off the flu virus. And, what better way to get some vitamin D than to head outside and catch some rays. Studies have shown that people who spend more time outside have lower levels of inflammation! In modern society, we spend far too much time inside anyway – going outside will make us healthier in body and spirit.

5: Shilajit Increases Health and Energy

Boost Number Five: Take Shilajit Daily

Our diets are severely lacking nutrition, due to the over-cultivation of our soil. Because we don’t get the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that are necessary for health, or bodies weaken and we get sick. Shilajit is packed with vitamins and ionic minerals and  fulvic acid, and is a strong anti-bacterial agent. Taking shilajit will strengthen your immune system, fight off inflammation, and help your body fight off sickness, and make you recover faster if you do catch something. People have successfully been using shilajit as a way to get a natural immune system boost for thousands of years.

Try a Natural Immune
System Boost to Stay Healthy

In this season of sickness, it is important to utilize each of these natural immune system boosts in order to keep your family healthy. The flu and the common cold can wreak havoc on your health, and disrupt lives. Don’t head straight for drugs and medication to stay healthy – try natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years!

Boost Your Immune System

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years to boost the immune system. Order yours today!

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