Ionic Minerals in Shilajit: What they Are, Why They’re Important

Ionic Minerals in Premium Shilajit

We are severely lacking in minerals that are necessary for a healthy life. Learn why ionic minerals are the best, and how Premium Shilajit is the best source.

Vitamins and minerals are important for our health. Unfortunately, many factors are present in modern society that cause us to be severely mineral and vitamin-deficient. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at why minerals are so important for your health, and why ionic minerals that can be found in shilajit are the best choice.

The Modern Diet is
Severely Lacking in Minerals

Our modern diet is severely lacking in the minerals that are essential to our health. We eat fruit, vegetables, and meat that are mineral and vitamin insufficient. This is because our food isn’t grown in mineral rich soil as it was in the past. Modern farming techniques, synthesized fertilizers, and years of growth have drained the minerals from our soil. Thus, our food doesn’t contain the nutrients our bodies need for optimum health.

Shilajit is Rich in Minerals

While there are many supplements available on the market, many of the contain only a fraction of the nutrients of shilajit. Many scientific studies have determined that shilajit has over 85 ionic minerals, including fulvic acid (which is a strong antioxidant), plant sterols and fatty acids. Because so many vitamins and minerals are contained in shilajit, it makes it an excellent source to add necessary nutrients into your diet.


Importance of Ionic Minerals

You may have noticed that we said that shilajit contains over 85 ionic minerals. We’re not sure about you, but we don’t hear the word “ionic” very often. And, when it is used, it’s not often explained. So, we thought we’d give you an idea of what an ionic mineral is, and why it’s beneficial to your health.


What are Ionic Minerals?

Ions are elements (or minerals) that either have too few or too many electrons (i.e., a negative or positive charge). Because of the missing or additional electrons, it makes the element unstable. (Source)


Why are Ionic Minerals Beneficial?

The instability of the element is what makes it beneficial – it its unstable state, it bonds very easily with water. Our bodies are able to absorb water much easier, so we can assimilate the nutrients much easier.


Premium Shilajit: The Best
Source for Ionic Minerals

Ionic minerals allow your body to experience a dynamic equilibrium caused by the electrical signatures of a positive or negative charge. It’s important to take minerals in ionic form, because the absorption of minerals takes place within the small intestines, during the digestion process. As the food you eat passes through the intestines, minerals are allowed to transfer to your bloodstream by crossing through the walls of your intestines. This transfer can only happen if the minerals are ionic. The acid in your stomach is designed to ionize minerals, but in order to fully utilize the benefits of minerals, it is wise to take supplements where the minerals are already ionized. Shilajit is easy to take, and it is full of ionic minerals and vitamins. Additionally, shilajit is full of fulvic acid, which pushes nutrients to your cells, allowing your body to fully absorb the nutrients and reap the benefits of ionic minerals.

Take Ionic Minerals

The ionic minerals found in shilajit can be absorbed by your body, which can greatly improve your health. Try Premium Shilajit resin today!

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