Improve Your Focus with Shilajit

Improve Your Focus with Shilajit

Between our countless distractions to our schedules that are filled to the brim. We need focus more than ever! While it can be tempting to consume copious amounts of caffeine. Or attempt the method of taking small breaks, to listening to our favorite songs, or simply enduring our dreaded tasks. You may be wondering, is there a natural why to boost your focus? In today’s blog we’re going to answer that question and explain why you can improve your focus with Shilajit! Today we will explain why it’s better to get your focus from a natural source versus relying on artificial or inadequate focus boosters. Let’s begin!

Improve Your Focus with Shilajit

Focus can be a funny thing, one day you operate with lightning accuracy and productivity. While the next you find yourself struggling to work your way through your assigned tasks. What can you do? If you are a student, a business owner, an employee or someone with a lot of your plate focus is important! And while it can be tempting to resort to your usual vices consider giving shilajit a try – here’s why!

Shilajit is a naturally occuring substance. Our premium shilajit is free of artificial coloring or compounds making it easy for your body to process. Unlike energy drinks or caffeine there is no crash associated with the use of shilajit. Which can help you avoid needing an afternoon pick me up. Not only that, but our premium shilajit is found to provide you with a whole array of health benefits. Which means not only are you able to accomplish your to do list but your body is receiving the added bonus of improved health. You definitely don’t get that with sugary and artificial energy boosters.

Don’t wait to begin living your best life and improving your focus – order Premium Shilajit today!

Detox Basics with Shilajit

Detox Basics with Shilajit

All across the internet you can find an abundance of information regarding detoxes.  That’s why in today’s post we wanted to share with you detox basics with Shilajit. And how you can get results by incorporating shilajit into your diet.  Let’s begin by taking a look at the basics of a detox.

What is a Detox?

To understand what a detox is you must first understand what you are detoxing from.  On a daily basis we are surrounded by toxins. These toxins can be found in the air we breathe, the food and beverages we consume and contact with our skin.  And while our bodies have the ability to naturally detox on their own sometimes they need a little help. That’s when a detox can become very beneficial. Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can help your body detox.

  • Air Purification

One thing that you can do that will dramatically decrease your intake of toxins is the purify the air you breathe.  You can do this by setting up an air cleaner system in your home or office space. Or avoid prolonged exposure to places with toxin air such as garages, busy roadways, places where individuals smoke.

  • Diet

Believe it or not your diet actually has a dramatic impact on your health and can be leveraged to assist in a detox.  By cutting out refined (or unnatural) sugars, flour, and saturated (unnatural) fats you can help your body detox naturally.  By also cutting out alcohol and caffeine you give your internal organs like your liver, a chance to repair and heal itself.

  • Detox Basics with Shilajit

When you are considering doing a detox we recommend trying shilajit!  Complete with vitamins and minerals that body needs, shilajit helps oxygenate the blood resulting in a full body detox.  Whether you already live a healthy lifestyle or if you are just beginning your health journey shilajit can help! Order Shilajit Today!

Reduce Your Anxiety with Shilajit

Reduce Your Anxiety with Shilajit

In America anxiety is on the rise.  With anxiety disorders being the most common mental illness in the U.S.  Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.  According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  With the rise of this serious health concern people are asking themselves.  “How can we treat and prevent anxiety disorders naturally?” Did you know that there is a natural remedy that can help reduce your risk and improve your mental health?  Nature has given us a powerful and beneficial remedy.  That has proven benefits.  In today we’re going to share with you just how you can reduce your anxiety with shilajit.

Reduce Your Anxiety with Shilajit

Now shilajit is a powerful and ancient remedy.  It has been proven to provide you with countless health benefits.  As a powerful antioxidant it can help restore and repair damaged cells. Among these benefits are hormone balancing and improved mental function.  Also researchers have found that is has notropic activity as a result helps boost memory.  And it also boosts learning and reduce anxiety by increasing receptor capacity.  Resulting in a natural and safe treatment for anxiety.  When it comes to your health we believe that natural remedies are ultimately the answer to prolonged health.

Order Yours Today

Along with professional treatment and care we can put an end to our rise in anxiety.  And begin taking care of our whole bodies health. Now if you are taking a proactive approach.  Or choosing to treat anxiety holistically we recommend adding it to your diet.  As a means to help reduce anxiety shilajit is a wonderful natural choice with proven benefits. Why take our word for it? Order your first shipment of today and begin experiencing the benefits of this natural and beneficial remedy.

Premium Shilajit: Postpartum Remedy

Premium Shilajit: Postpartum Remedy

Everyone knows being pregnant with a baby is a lot of work.  And that the months of your pregnancy offer up a number of challenges.  From fatigue, nausea and your changing body it can be a trying and difficult time.  Finally once the months have finally ticked by and you deliver your sweet bundle of joy the challenge ends, right?  Unfortunately after you have your baby the challenges only change and in some cases get harder.  Between late night feedings, setting up schedules and learning how live life with a newborn.  It can be very challenging and exhausting.  That’s why we believe that our premium shilajit is a great postpartum remedy.  Today we’re going to share with you why.

Premium Shilajit – Postpartum remedy

It’s been proven that shilajit provides countless health benefits.  In fact our premium shilajit can help balance hormones which can make a huge difference for postpartum women.  Especially if they are experiencing hormone imbalances.  Not only does it help balance hormones it can help improve your immune system.  We all know a good night sleep helps protect your immune system – unfortunately a good night sleep can be difficult with a newborn.  Along with balancing hormones, improving your immune system, shilajit can help improve brain function.  Which new mothers can attest would be highly beneficial!  Shilajit is also known for improving overall health and energy.  As a new mother added energy is usually welcome!

Try Premium Shilajit Today!

Whether you’re a first time mother or you’ve had multiple pregnancies and deliveries.  You should give premium shilajit as a postpartum remedy a try!  Why not begin living your best life now and take a step toward better health.  If you want to learn more about the benefits of our premium shilajit go here.  When you’re ready to make our premium shilajit your postpartum remedy order yours today!

Premium Shilajit – A Cold and Flu Season Must Have!

Premium Shilajit – A Cold and Flu Season Must Have!

As winter begins to take hold in north america cold and flu season is underway!  While there is a variety of solutions to help combat these winter prone sicknesses we have a natural solution for you!  In today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at why the flu and common cold abound during the cool winter months.  And why Premium Shilajit is a cold and flu season must have!  Let’s begin by looking closer why illnesses abound over the winter months.

Winter Chill

Once the weather begins to change there is one thing you can count on.  People will begin spending more and more time indoors.  This is, of course, due to the drop in temperature and harsh winter weather.  Unfortunately this brings people indoors where there is little or no fresh air being let in.  This results in the spread of germs that cause the common cold and flu.  So what can you do?  Up next we’re going to take a look at Premium Shilajit as a preventive and as a recovery piece if you fall prey to either of these wintery illnesses.

Premium Shilajit – A Cold and Flu Season Must Have!

When it comes to cold and flu season there isn’t a better preventative then our natural premium shilajit.  Our all natural shilajit is proven to help boost your immune system.  We all know the winter can be hard on your immune system!  Get ahead of any potential illness and add shilajit to your daily regimen.  What about after you’ve been sick?  If you missed taking shilajit before you got sick don’t worry you can still enjoy the natural benefits of premium shilajit.  That’s because shilajit is packed full of natural minerals and nutrients – including electrolytes!  When you’ve been sick with the cold or flu one of the problems most people face is severe dehydration.  With a little help from shilajit you can be well on your way to recovery.

Order your Premium Shilajit today!

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance? Shilajit Can Help!

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance? Shilajit Can Help!

If you or a loved one has struggled with hormone imbalance you understand how serious and difficult it can be.  Depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, hair loss and allergies are just a few of the side effects associated with hormone imbalance.  Unfortunately these side effects can go on for years untreated and unchecked.  Are your hormones out of balance? Shilajit can help!  Keep reading to learn more about the causes of hormone imbalance and how to correct it.

Stress and Diet

It may be surprising to learn the two most common factors that cause hormone imbalances.  That is stress and your diet!  While we understand it’s impossible to completely remove stress from your life reducing it can make a difference on your health.  Check out this article we found listing 10 Ways to Reduce Stress.  Another key factor to that is affecting your hormones is your diet.  If you have concerns about your diet and suspect it may be affecting your hormone levels we recommend seeing your doctor or a nutritionist.  A medical professional will be able to help you evaluate your diet and advise you if any changes need to be made.

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance? Shilajit Can Help!

Have you corrected your diet and reduced stress?  Have you tried everything but still struggle to get your hormones in balance?  Shilajit can help!  Shilajit has been proven to help balance hormones and decrease the side effects associated with hormone imbalance.  Side effects like depression, anxiety, fatigue and hair loss can be combated with Premium Shilajit.  Are you ready to take a step toward a healthier lifestyle?  Order Premium Shilajit today and begin experiencing the difference for yourself.  There’s no better time than the present and you don’t have to life with the side effects of imbalanced hormones any longer!

Looking for a Summer Spark? Shilajit can help!

Looking for a Summer Spark? Shilajit can help!

Looking for a Summer Spark? Shilajit can help!
Summer is a season that seems to encourage romance with long days and warm nights it can be a wonderful time to be in love.  However for thousands of individuals who struggle with a low sex drive or an inability to perform it can be difficult to enjoy the time that they have with their loved one.  Are you looking for a summer spark?  Shilajit can help!  In today’s post we’re going to take a look at how shilajit can help improve your libido.

Looking for a Summer Spark?  Shilajit can help!

While it’s known that Shilajit can provide you with a wide variety of health benefits not too many people are aware of the benefit it can have on your sexual health.  This is because the benefits that it provides are not limited to one part of your body but affect your entire being.  For example – Shilajit has been used for thousands of years to help improve energy levels added energy is not only useful on a day to day basis but it can help you perform in the more intimate moments of your life.  Shilajit has also been proven to help reduce oxidative stress in the reproductive system and cause an increased sex drive in both men and women.

Fertility Benefits

Another well known fact about Shilajit is the way it helps benefit fertility.  In men shilajit has been proven to increase sperm count and improve testosterone levels.  That combined with increased energy and libido help aid in reproductive health and can increase your ability to perform.

If you’re looking to increase your romance this summer try adding a spark to your relationship with Shilajit.  Why not begin taking steps to improve your overall health as well as increase your sexual health.  Experience the difference for yourself and order yours today.

Get the Spark

Get that burst of energy you’re looking for.

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Where Can I Buy Shilajit? Easy Shopping at Premium Shilajit

Where Can I Buy Shilajit? Easy Shopping at Premium Shilajit

Where to buy shilajit online

If you want to buy shilajit, look no further than Premium Shilajit: we have the purest product available, and we make shopping easy.

There are countless benefits that will occur when you add shilajit to your daily diet. As we’ve seen in our articles, shilajit is a potent, life-giving substance that heals the body from the inside out. From regulating blood sugar to reducing joint pain and rebuilding muscle, shilajit truly is the panacea of health. If you’re interested in purchasing shilajit, you may have found yourself searching online for “where can I buy shilajit?” Look no further: Premium Shilajit offers a pure product that is simple to buy and start taking everyday.

Pure Product = Better Results

If you are looking to buy shilajit, there are a few things you should know. Simply taking shilajit in any form isn’t enough – you need to make sure you have a pure product so that you get the most benefit.

1: Liver

Stay Close to the Original Form:

In its purest form immediately after harvesting from the mountains, shilajit is a black, tar-like substance. After it is purified, it still maintains its consistency, becoming a resin that is easily broken into pieces and dissolved in water. It is important that you buy shilajit that is resin form in order to get the most benefit.

2: Kidneys

Avoid Powders, Capsules & Tonics:

Shilajit capsules, powders, and tonics should be avoided. This is because you can’t truly know how much shilajit they actually contain. When it isn’t in its natural, resinous form, it is extremely difficult to figure out both dosage and quality. Many shilajit powders, tonics, and capsules are packed with unnecessary (and sometimes harmful) fillers.

Premium Shilajit is proud of providing authentic, quality shilajit harvested using sustainable resources. We are committed to sourcing the best shilajit in the world and providing it to our customers. Our shilajit is lab-tested to ensure that it is free from heavy metals, ad each batch is pure. If you’re searching for “where can I buy shilajit,” you can be confident that you’re getting the best shilajit on the market today.

Where Can I Buy Shilajit: A Simple Buying Process for Shilajit

It can be difficult to find where to buy quality shilajit. Not many stores carry shilajit, and if they do, it is usually shilajit powders, tonics, or capsules that are available. Thankfully, there are options for those who wish to take advantage of the benefits that pure shilajit resin provides. Our buying process is simple: Simply navigate to our shop, add as many tins of shilajit as you want to your cart, and follow the prompts to make your purchase. We ship internationally, so you can get your shilajit no matter where you live. Our shipping is fast, and you can start seeing the benefits of shilajit in your life quickly!

Pure Shilajit

When you buy shilajit from Premium Shilajit, you know you are purchasing the highest quality product available on the market.

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A Natural Way to Detox Using Premium Shilajit

A Natural Way to Detox Using Premium Shilajit

A Natural Way to Detox: Premium Shilajit

Looking for a natural way to detox your body? Using shilajit will cleanse your body and blood for better health.

Our world is full of toxins. From chemicals in our products, to bad air quality and preservatives in our food, our bodies can easily become overloaded. When combined with a lack of vitamins and minerals due to soil depletion, our bodies can find it hard to keep up and quickly become toxic. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this toxicity. Taking Premium Shilajit daily is a natural way to detox your body and improve your health.

Sources of Toxins in Our Environment

Our bodies absorb toxins from many different sources. A few examples include:

Bad Air Quality




Personal Care Products

Household Products

Preservatives in Food

How Our Body Rids Itself of Toxins

Our bodies are very capable of ridding itself of toxins. Our liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, and lymph system all work together to eliminate unhealthy toxins from our body.

1: Liver


The hardest worker is our liver, which works 24/7 to cleanse our blood. It also eliminates waste products, filters out cancerous cells, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, inactivates toxic substances that we have ingested, and extracts blood from waste material so that it can be excreted effectively.

2: Kidneys


Our kidneys work to purify our blood, and filter out chemicals and other toxic substances in our urine.

3: Intestines


Our intestines work together to rid the body of toxins. From the moment we ingest something, our intestines are hard at work, filtering out metals, removing toxins from the blood stream, and excreting them all.

4: Lungs


Our lungs and respiratory system get rid of toxins through the excretion of phlegm, as well as in the form of carbonic gas.

5: Skin


Our skin is the largest organ of our body. If the kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines don’t property filter toxins, then the skin works to eliminate through the sweat glands, rashes, and acne.

6: Lymph System

Lymph System

Our lymphatic system is essential to flushing toxins out of our bodies. Two liters of lymphatic fluid are circulating throughout your body, and work to purify our body of toxins as they pass through our lymphatic glands.

When our bodies become overwhelmed with toxins, our organs struggle to keep up. This can result in illnesses, which are signs of toxicity. Our bodies will try to eliminate the toxins in other ways, causing diarrhea, water retention, lack of energy, headaches, weight gain, chronic fatigue, acne, fat buildup around our midsection, allergies, and other, much more serious diseases. It is vital that you help your body rid itself of toxins by finding a natural way to detox.

Shilajit: A Natural Way to Detox Your Body

Shilajit is a powerful detoxifier for the body, due to its fulvic acid content. And, it is rich in ionic minerals and vitamins, which boost the body’s ability to fight disease. These two benefits are the key to the natural way to detox.


Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Our bodies suffer from a vitamin and mineral depletion. Our food isn’t as nutritious, due to the use of over processed foods, and overworked soil on our farms. When you take shilajit, it not only provides nutrients to your body, the fulvic acid actually pushed the nutrients into your cells, allowing for better absorption and assimilation. This heals our organs, allowing them to function properly, and ultimately, allowing them to cleanse effectively.


Fulvic Acid Detoxifies

Just as fulvic acid pushes nutrients deep into our cells, it also captures toxins and transports them out of the body, neutralizing pesticides, hormones, chemicals, free radicals, and other toxins. Additionally, shilajit’s unique composition allows it cleans our blood and tissue, giving us a natural way to detox.

Use the Purest Form of Shilajit for the Best Natural Way to Detox

If you are looking for the best natural way to detox, look no further. Premium Shilajit is the purest, most potent form of shilajit on the market. When you take pills, powders, or extracts, it is as far from its natural, resinous form as possible. Many of those products are packed with fillers, which will make the shilajit ineffective, and could cause adverse reactions. When you use Premium Shilajit, you can be confident you are getting the most potent shilajit in resin form – as close to nature as possible.

Want to detox naturally?

Use Premium Shilajit to detox your body the natural way. And, as an added bonus – give your body the nutrients it needs!

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How to Treat Stress Naturally: Take Premium Shilajit Daily

How to Treat Stress Naturally: Take Premium Shilajit Daily

How to Treat Stress Naturally: Premium Shilajit

We must all learn how to treat stress naturally, and here’s why: People are more stressed than ever, due to hectic lives, complex relationships, and overwhelming pressure at work and at home. Shilajit can help reduce stress in your life.

Stress makes us sick – it causes us to shirk good habits such as eating a healthy diet and exercising daily. And, it disrupts sleep, which can damage our body’s ability to heal. According to statistics shared by the American Institute of Stress, stress is killing us: it increases the risk of heart disease by 40%, the risk of heart attack by 25%, and the risk of stroke by 50%. So, what are some ways to decrease stress? In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at a few ways to naturally treat your stress so you can reduce stress to live a happier, healthier life.


Take Premium Shilajit to Decrease Stress

One of the best ways to treat stress naturally is to take Premium Shilajit dailiy. Shilajit has been used to decrease stress and calm the nervous system for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic medicine tradition. A recent study illustrates just how effective shilajit is for reducing stress:

Researches at the Institute of Technology in India studies the impact of shilajit on reducing stress. They used rats as test subjects, and exposed them to high levels of stress after 21 days of taking shilajit. Normally, the amount of stress the rats endured would have resulted in chronic stress, but the shilajit prevented further damage. The study found that “shilajit mitigates the effects of CFS” (chronic fatigue syndrome) “…through the modulation of HPA axis and preservation of mitochondrial function and integrity.” Shilajit works to calm the nervous system, thus reducing stress. Additionally, it allows our bodies to absorb nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which helps us to lead healthier lives.


Practice Yoga to Decrease Stress

One of the best ways to naturally treat stress is to practice yoga.  According to Mayo Clinic, yoga is an effective way to manage and decrease stress in your life. It may “help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.” And, the best part? Almost anyone can do it, even people with injuries or other roadblocks that prevent other forms of exercise. To get started doing yoga, consider finding a class in your area, invest in some professional yoga instruction videos, or search YouTube for certified practitioners.

Learn how to treat stress naturally

Practice Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

In recent years, a term has arisen in popularity. This term is called “mindfulness.” According to its practitioners, it is the practice of consciously being in the present moment. Mindfulness practices have been proven to be helpful in reducing stress. In an article titled: “What Stress Does to Your Brain,” the staff at discuss how detrimental stress is for your body, and offer insight and tips on how to reduce stress. These include putting down your phone, relaxing muscles, and simply taking time to enjoy life and have fun – all these things are easy to integrate into our lives as we learn how to treat stress naturally.

How to Treat Stress Naturally:
Take Shilajit and Live a Mindful Life

We must all invest in our futures. And, what better way than to reduce stress, thus helping us to be happier and healthier in the future as well as the present? Take the time to create habits in your life as you learn how to treat stress naturally. Practice mindfulness, give yoga a try, and add shilajit to your daily diet. We believe you will notice the benefits in your life beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Treat Stress Naturally

Use Premium Shilajit daily to reduce stress and protect your health. Try it today!

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