3 Ways to Integrate Raw Foods into Your Diet

3 Tips for Integrating Raw Foods Into Your Diet

Introducing raw foods into your diet is a great way to boost your health and nutrition. Start with shilajit so your body can better absorb the vitamins and minerals!

Recently, we’ve discussed the importance having ionic minerals in your diet, and why smoothies are a great addition to your morning routine. Both these articles discussed the lack of nutrition in our modern diet. In fact, most people aren’t getting the nutrition they need in their diet. This is due to industrial farming practices, less nutrients in our soil, and less vegetable and fruit consumption. One of the best things you can do is to integrate raw foods into your diet, and supplement with shilajit. Here are 3 ways to add raw foods into your daily life!



1. Make Epic Salads

The word “epic” means majestic, or impressively great. When you apply it your salads, we’re sure you’ll enjoy raw foods much more. Most people throw lettuce into a bowl, add a store-bought dressing, and call it a salad. An epic salad is much different. You can add many raw foods into your salad for lunch, and it can easily keep you full until dinner. Start with lettuce, kale, spinach, or another green of your choice, and then pile on the veggies. Include cauliflower, mushrooms, onion, avocado, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, oranges – any veggie or fruit you can think of. Then, top it with seeds and nuts for a protein boost, top it with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing, and you’ll not only have a salad you can’t get enough of, you’ll be adding many raw foods to your diet! We found a great Instagram account just filled with pictures of epic salads. Be sure to follow for your salad inspiration!


2. Whip Up Homemade Condiments

If you’re like us, you enjoy condiments with your meals. Well, an easy way to add raw foods into your diet is to make your own condiments. And, they just happen to be delicious! There are many recipes for raw mayonnaise, raw ketchup, raw pesto, raw avocado dressing, and salsas made with veggies.


3. Try a Raw Dessert

You may not think a raw dessert sounds like much, but we can assure you they’re delicious! And, what better place to sneak in some raw foods than dessert? Try your hand at making desserts that are raw. For example, try this Raw Double Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (it’s made with cashews), or this Banana “Cream” Pie (bananas are an excellent source of both potassium and vitamin B6). Some recipes include secret ingredients, like this Avocado Cacao Mousse. Yes, it has avocados in it, which are rich in healthy fats and vitamins!


Add Shilajit Resin to Your Diet of Raw Foods to Absorb Necessary Nutrients

It’s important to add raw foods to your diet, because it can greatly benefit your health. But, you also need to consider supplementing your diet with a substance that is rich in the vitamins and minerals your body needs for survival. In 2004, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition examined the vitamin levels in fruits and vegetables grown in 1999 and compared them to the vitamin levels of those grown in 1950. They found that modern fruits and vegetables contain less vitamins (16% less calcium, 15% less iron, and 20% less vitamin C) than those grown in 1950. So, even if you are eating fruits and vegetables, the current farming process removes many of the nutrients. This is why it is so important to supplement your diet with products like shilajit that contain over 85 ionic minerals and vitamins. Additionally, actually helps your body absorb nutrients into your body, making it the perfect choice to increase your vitamin and mineral intake.

Eat More Raw Food: Start With Shilajit!

If you’re going to start integrating raw foods into your diet, start with shilajit: It helps your body absorb nutrients!

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